Non-ferrous Equipment

Non-ferrous Equipment-staying one step ahead
 Combining the experience and competence of SMS, Hertwich and MRB, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art solutions for aluminum and copper plants. Our customers in this sector benefit from highly efficient processes that save resources and costs, top-quality products and increased margins. Being close to our customers enables our engineers to work continuously on the development of new solutions that make production processes even more sustainable. This way, our customers can achieve a competitive advantages and improve the environmental soundness of their production processes.

Aluminum plants
Hertwich is the only full-liner in the aluminium casthouse sector. SMS's Knoevenagel ingot scalpers and bandsaws complete the comprehensive portfolio. They provide top quality aluminum slabs for the hot rolling process.

Copper plants
We are one of the most important suppliers worldwide of processes, machinery and components for the production of semi-finished products made from copper and copper alloys. Our renowned CONTIROD® plants for example help customers worldwide increase their margins in the copper wire rod production.

Copper tube manufacturing
Together, MRB and SMS form the world's only single source full-liner from copper melting to the finished tube. Whether you are looking for a complete new line or a simple machine, we are ready to serve you.