Forging Equipment

Forging Equipment-facing the market challenges
The forging market is mainly driven by infrastructure projects and demand from the energy and petrochemical industries. SMS helps its customers to benefit from these trends by providing state-of-the-art presses and machines that are just as diverse as the industries they serve. The portfolio ranges from light-metal extrusion presses for the production of train equipment, to large ring-rolling machines, which can be used to manufacture reactor shells. Using their experience and technological expertise, SMS engineers continually develop new solutions that help overcome challenges and open new doors – to the benefit of our customers and their customers.

Hydraulic presses
Production speed, minimum forging tolerances and a consistent high level of quality are standards customers can expect when choosing hydraulic presses from SMS.

Extrusion presses
Whether simple or multi-purpose installations for a broad mix of products: we always provide you a tailored solution. Our Schloemann extrusion presses offer the highest possible tool utilization, effective energy saving and in particular high, reproducible product quality.
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Closed-die forging presses
Our Eumuco Hasenclever product line includes the main forging presses with all the necessary upline and downline forming accessories as well as machines for special applications. Customers will benefit from our technical expertise, our attention to every detail and our vast experience of complex production processes.

Ring rolling machines
Within our Wagner Banning product range, we supply our customers with the necessary process technologies enabling them to produce rings of nearly all sizes and shapes at a continuously high performance in quality and quantity.

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