Environmental Technology

With the global warming, more stringent restriction CO2 emissions and the prices of energy and raw material are increasing. So it is more important for iron and steel industry to be energy-efficient and environment-friendly. SMS group always focuses on researching and developing the energy-efficient and environment-friendly technologies, and has been promoting and applying them massively all around the globe: It ranges from Heat recovery technology of EAF to Gas cleaning technology of BOF (Dry type, Hydro Hybrid type and Wet type), from lubricant filtering system of rolling plant to mixed waste acid regenerating technology, and complete plant and product process for water treatment equipment, etc. These new technologies also reflect a new way of thinking with regard to the efficiency of resources, energy recovery and environmental protection. For the plant owners, to use SMS group advanced environmental protection technology is no longer merely a social responsibility but a lasting profitable investment. 

SMS group can provide many X-e2 (Ecology and Economy) equipment and technology in many metallurgy fields. Our purpose of innovating new technology and promoting new equipments is economical and ecological. There are some application references of environmental protection: patent foamy slag technology, which can obviously improving the efficiency of stainless steel smelting. A kind of new energy recovering technology for EAF, which can generate about 7MW power of saturated steam and reduce about 50 thousand tons CO2 emission annually. Using the latest gas recovery technology in steelmaking plant, about 80m3/t CO is recovered, comprehensive applying our ESP can comply with most stringent emission standard(10mg/m3 ) up to now. SMS group also has much rich energy saving and environmental protection experience in rolling mill and processing lines: Compare with the traditional process, the CSP® (compact strip production ) technology requires up to 42% less energy. In processing line area, the acid regeneration plants account for the treatment of 99.8% of acid which originates from the pickling of steel strips. Furthermore, SMS group has developed a new technology of hot waste acid regeneration (the highest temperature is about 170℃ ) and it has been successfully used in Thyssenkrupp in Alabama factory. Compare with the traditional 700℃~900℃ acid process technology, our technology consumes energy less greatly.
SMS group energy and environmental technology division is in charge of the project and business of this area all over the world. The headquarters is located in Duesseldorf , Germany. The main technologies are as follows:
The technology of energy recovery and reuse
EAF waste heat recovery: A new SMS group system for energy recovery from EAF is a good example of joined-up thinking applied to energy and environment-saving plants. With a temperature of 1,250° C, the off gas is channeled through a boiler system that converts the thermal energy into steam. There are plenty of ways you can use the steam: To enhance your steam network, to drive turbines, or to power your air knife system. The steam is also a source of energy for waste water treatment or for seawater desalination, or drives the vacuum equipment (such as VOD) which can be use directly. That eliminates the additional investment for a steam generator.
BOF waste gas recovery: Then there's gas recovery from converter steelworks. This involves capturing the energy-rich CO process gases generated in steel production and cooling them to around 1,800° C. Next, X-Melt® filter systems clean the dust out of the CO gas. Finally, the gas is stored in X-Melt® gas tanks, and can be used for instance to generate electricity in the steelworks. It’s perfectly possible to produce a volume of electricity that is fulfilled the life needs of a small town. As a steelworks operator, you can cut your costs by the same amount.
Energy-efficiency CSP® technology: As early as in 1989, SMS group revolutionary CSP technology had been successfully applied in industry. Continuous production of liquid steel can be directly used into steel strip. By CSP® technology and produce the Strip Production. It does away with the need to re-heat middle process and that saves up to 42 percent of the energy used in conventional production.

SMS Elex-Environmental Technology

To strengthen the activities in the field of environmental engineering, SMS group together with Elex jointly founded a new company on 1st Oct 2008. The headquarters of the company is in Zurich Switzerland. SMS Elex combines the rich engineering experience of SMS group and nearly hundred years leading innovation environmental technology of Elex.
  • Joint efforts in design, engineering and innovation 
  • Sharing the rich experience of project construction 
  • Long-term service in iron and steel industry

SMS Elex is focusing on developing and promoting the converter Dry-type ESP and Hydro Hybrid Dedusting System. The newly developed dedusting technology is safer, more cost effective and can comply with the most restrictive environmental regulations. SMS group and Elex both have their own significant performance in environmental dedusting field before. After the set up of SMS Elex, we will collaborate side by side and try to make the plant cleaner, the energy recovery more effective, and the product process more economic and environmentally friendly.

Water treatment system
Low investment: No matter how big an iron and steel enterprise is, there are millions of cubic meters of water requiring treatment every day. Our closed circuit water treatment system can achieve almost no loss. Applying SMS tailor-made cooling and filtering technology for you, almost all the water within the plant can be fed from the same water treatment system.
High return: Using SMS group’s desalination, reverse osmosis and sewage treatment and other advanced technology, not only can satisfy the customer plant personalized needs, but also can reach more stringent and complex environmental requirements.
Waste recycling technology
Acid regeneration: Acid regeneration SMS group adopts fluidized bed method and spray roasting technology that can recover 99.8% of waste acid in the pickling process. A medium-sized pickling line consume waste acid up to 10-20 cubic meters ( about 20 - 40t) per hour, that can fill with1 -2 oil tank car. SMS group develops the latest hot recycling waste acid technology, which requires only 170℃ temperature, however, the conventional processes are operated at up to 700℃ - 900℃. It brings great energy saving.
Foamy slag briquettes: Highly efficient stainless steel smelting technology gets ceaseless development and successful application in the world. SMS group's patented stainless steel foamy slag technology-foaming balls can increase 10% stainless steel smelting efficiency, so as to improve the metal yield, to reduce electrode consumption, to save refractory. The ideal source material of foaming ball is the waste in iron and steel plant, such as EAF, LF, AOD, BOF furnace's dust and sludge, scales from the rolling mill and continuous casting, which reduces the cost of recycling waste materials. Simply: in the traditional smelting carbon steel by intense carbon oxygen reaction produces a foamy slag, now we use the foamy slag foaming ball patent technology for stainless steel production can also achieve the same perfect effect.
Multi-plate filters: Multi-plate filters from SMS group are just one of a whole range of machines that clean all kinds of lubricants (emulsions and oils) used in rolling. You benefit because they are efficient and above all budget-friendly. These filters are already standard customizing in aluminum hot and cold rolling mills. And because of their modular design, we can customize our multi-plate filters to your requirements at minimal cost. 
Technical service
Competence center: SMS group energy and environmental technology boasts energy, recycling and environmental protection experts in each field. What do you still need? Technical experts, fast reaction or a reliable scheme? Especially in the application of environmental assessment stage, you will find our expert department’s special importance! We can help you solve the problems in planning and construction stages to meet all environmental regulations, make your application through the EIA as soon as possible, and obtain environmental permits. Our technical experts are ready to provide customers with the newest environmental protection and energy saving technology and teach you our know-how.
Environmental testing center: SMS group has been committed to the development and expansion the whole technology solutions in the energy and environmental protection. Now, we are developing an environmental detection system integrating all production plants in steel enterprises. In this way, customers can know the branch-related energy and environmental protection monitoring parameters through a central control station. Our customers can co-ordinate the overall situation inspection, and optimize the production process.