SMS group Shanghai Factory 
SMS group Shanghai factory, located in Minhang district of the city, covers an area of 76,000 m2, including a plant area of 26,000 m2. In line with the group’s strategic layout, the plant in Zhangjiagang was merged into the Shanghai factory in December 2015. After the restructuring, the new factory will effectively incorporate the original production capacity in Shanghai and Zhangjiagang and become the biggest manufacturing base of SMS group in China.

Business Scope
The business scope of SMS group Shanghai factory covers:
  • Design and manufacturing of mechanical and electrical components, single and complete equipment, EA system and apparatus, etc. in the metallurgical industry;
  • SMS products system integration, pre-assembly and testing; providing technical consultation, technical service and staff training and coaching, etc.
  • Aftersales service and spare parts business for SMS products; testing, repair, maintenance and modernization services;
  • Sales of self-manufactured products and global products of SMS group on the Chinese market;
  • Supply of globalized products of the entire SMS group as a manufacturing base, so as to cover the entire supply chain of the metallurgical technology and process.
Products manufactured, assembled and tested by SMS group Shanghai factory include:
  • Spare parts and complete equipment of steelmaking and continuous casting equipment, e.g. caster rolls and molds, etc.
  • Spare parts and complete equipment of flat rolling mills (including cold & hot rolling and aluminum strip), e.g. mill stands, coil box, crop shear, pinch roll unit, down coiler, side trimmer, cold plate leveler, etc.
  • Spare parts and complete equipment of strip processing lines, e.g. pay off reel & tension reel, bending and levelling unit, side trimmer (ASC), scrap press, flatteners, coil cars, shears, belt wrappers, cleaning section, etc.
  • Products and parts of tube & pipe equipment, e.g. seamless tube plants, welded tube plants, stretch reducing mills, etc.
  • Complete equipment of long products and spare parts, e.g. section and billet mills, wire rod and bar mills, coil handling system and bright steel plants, etc.
  • Products and parts of forging equipment, e.g. forging machines, hydraulic presses, extrusion presses, ring and wheel rolling machines, etc.
  • Products and parts related to the non-ferrous industry, e.g. aluminum and copper processing equipment;
  • Pre-assembly and testing of single and complete metallurgical equipment, e.g. continuous casters, flat products plants, treatment lines, JCO welding pipe equipment, high speed wire rod mills, etc.
  • Spare parts production of metallurgical equipment, e.g. guides, mandrels, AGC, CVC®, main shafts, oil film bearings, etc.
  • Metallurgical equipment inspection, repair, maintenance and modernization; technical consultation, technical service, staff training and coaching, etc. 

Our efforts to offer the best quality lead to the unique competition capability of SMS group Shanghai factory.
  • Concentrated: our consistent focus on quality and continuous improvement of our products ensure the high reputation of SMS group in the industry;
  • Professional: with years of manufacturing experience, we have created a professional production, service and quality control team with great skills;
  • Advanced: we have adopted the CAD / CAM continuous processing chain technology to manufacture components, and carry out the block-based assembly and running tests according to different functions;
  • Cooperative: close cooperation with the other three manufacturing plants of SMS group all over the world ensures synchronization of the manufacturing technology;
  • Standardized: we have acquired the ISO9001 quality system certification, and conform to the SN200 internal manufacturing standard of SMS group.