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Service Division of SMS group China bundles its activities in the fields of steelmaking plants, metallurgy, flat rolling mill, long products, tube & pipe plants, forging plants, and processing lines. Starting with advisory services, followed by spare parts, regular maintenance measures, and comprehensive modernization measures, etc. – the employees of Service Division always combine their exceptional specialist knowledge with approachability and flexibility.

Service Division of SMS group China consists of locations in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. In this way, Service Division can support its business partners quickly and effectively to ensure continuous high performance with high profitability.

Service Division offers services for machines, people and processes, as well as tailored service solutions. The right service at the right moment – guaranteed by Service Division of SMS group China. No matter where the customers work and what language they speak – the right persons at Service Division are always on hand and ready to meet the customers expectation. 

Service Division at a glance
• Spare Parts M/R/P (Metallurgy/ Flat Rolling/ Processing lines) with location in Beijing,
• Workshop Roll Competence Center with location in Tianjin,
• Spare Parts L/T/F (Long Products/ Tube & Pipe/ Forging) & Technical Customer Support with location in Shanghai,
• Service Repair Workshop with location in Shanghai,

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Location Beijing:
SMS Siemag Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Address: 03rd Floor, Juanshitiandi Tower A, Jia No. 50-1, Wangjingxilu, Chaoyang District, 100102 Beijing
Contact Person: Liu Xinran (Ms.)
Tel.: +86 (0) 10 5907 7248
Fax: +86 (0) 10 5907 7146
Location Tianjin:
SMS Siemag Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Address: No.12,SaiDa Bei Yi Dao, Xiqing Economic Development Area, 300385 Tianjin
Contact Person: Yan Tengfei (Mr.)
Tel.: +86 (0) 22 5806 2500
Fax: +86 (0) 22 5806 2514
Location Shanghai:
SMS Engineering (China) Ltd.
Address: No. 2200, South Lianhua Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Spare Parts Contact Person: Yi Xia (Ms.)              Service Repair Contact Person : Mia Zhong (Ms.)
Tel.: +86 (0)21 2408 6429                         Tel.: +86 (0)21 2408 6578
Fax: +86 (0)21 2408 6400

Spare Parts

In addition to expertly maintaining every type of mill equipment, from steelmaking plants, metallurgy, flat rolling mill, long products, tube & pipe plants, forging plants to processing lines, Service Division of SMS group China provides spare parts to keep the facilities up and running. We can supply virtually any part for any piece of equipment built by SMS group or its affiliates. Parts we provide are manufactured to exacting standards providing extended service lives.

Spare parts from Service Division help keep mills running at peak efficiency and reduce downtime. Because our parts incorporate technical improvements, they can help improve equipment performance. And our extensive parts inventory facilitates just-in-time delivery of critical components.

For new spare parts concept, we could support customers comprehensively - to import spare parts with local currencies, manufacture parts locally to shorten the delivery time with same quality standard as required by Germany, and local sourcing under quality control of SMS group.

Besides, Service Division also assists the customer with professional spare parts management.

Moreover, Service Division can also perform the stock-keeping. No stores, no personnel costs – and yet all parts are on hand: These are the advantages of the warehousing service offered, under which Service Division will manage the storage of spare parts on the customer’s behalf. Therefore, all required parts are constantly available – quickly and in sufficient quantities.


A series of compactor products supplied by SMS group are widely used in the coil handling system of high speed wire rod mill. The design from SMS group could fully meet the special requirements of the modern lines. We adopt the most advanced technology, manufacture key parts with SMS group standard, cooperate with qualified suppliers by following the high quality standard from SMS group. Our compactor products could meet strict operation requirements, ensure the fluency of the whole lines.

With many years project execution and field service experience, SMS group provide tailor-made compactor products to fulfill the demand from customers. As part of a complete set of coil handling system, compactor products from SMS group could meet diversified demands of modern high speed wire rod mill all over the world. We not only supply compactor products in the Chinese market but also export to other countries. 

The reference of SMS group compactor is over 200 sets in the world. So far, there are several kinds compactor products from SMS group for you to choose:
  • Standard horizontal coil compactor,
  • Smart horizontal coil compactor,
  • Horizontal coil plastic strip compactor,
  • Horizontal coil steel strip compactor,
  • Vertical coil compactor,
  • Vertical coil steel strip compactor,

Repair & Modernization

With both technical customer support team and Service Repair Workshop located in SMS Meer Engineering (China) Ltd. (Abbr. SMEC) in Shanghai, Service Division of SMS group China could supply quite a wide scope of repair & modernization service to customers. Repair & modernization plan is made from original designer’s viewpoint. Intensively trained and experienced staff take charge of quality and implementation with SMS Know-how. Therefore, high quality, high reliability and excellent performance of repair & modernization products are guaranteed. Moreover, new development in product design/material/technology is incorporated in product repair & modernization.

With the modern machining set up, process know-how and abroad trained employees in our workshop, as well as technical customer support team as backup, Service Division of SMS group China can offer repair & revamping of all core and non-core equipment, such as AGC cylinder, CVC®, mandrel, bending block, BUR balancing cylinder, spindle, pinch roll, SMS standard cylinder, trimmer shear, scrap chopper, oscillator, slab size press, TMT clay gun, TMT swiveling device, etc. with qualified quality and best delivery time.

Besides, as an extension of repair & modernization business and with consideration of serving our customers better, we could also provide on-site service, technical support and consultation for a wide range of service features tailored to your needs - you compile and we supply.

Zinc Pot Roll and Furnace Roll Coating Business

With first-class equipment and advanced technology, Service Division of SMS group China provides the zinc pot roll and furnace roll products and services needed to keep continuous annealing and galvanizing lines producing high-quality products while minimizing downtime.

Workshop Roll Competence Center SMS Siemag Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (Abbr. SCR) ,well equipped with “state of the art” equipment, including: thermal spraying equipment, CNC & conventional lathes, shot blaster, journal welding machines, curing furnace for roll sealing, specializes in the reconditioning of roll sets for zinc bath equipment for Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines (HDGL), furnace rolls for HDGL and Continuous Annealing Lines (CAL).

Thermal spray coating for zinc pot roll
SMS group is the exclusive supplier of a state-of-the-art tungsten carbide/cobalt high - velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) coating system for bath rolls used in continuous galvanizing lines developed by Tocalo Co., Ltd. of Japan. SMS group’s know-how guarantees advanced zinc pot equipment maintenance. SMS group will provide a special coating as ceramic coating with sealing to fulfill your requirements for optimize galvanizing process.

Thermal spray coating for furnace roll
Depending on different requirements of furnace areas special thermal spray coating would be necessary. The main roll types are strip accumulator rolls, sealing rolls, deflector/steering rolls and bridle rolls. Optimized manufacturing process ensures the best product quality.

Full package service for a certain equipment or the complete plant
SCR offers a full service package for customers to reduce the occupation of funds from maintenance budget and warehouse cost, improve product quality, enhance production efficiency, as well as shorten the delivery time.

The complete package includes the following services:
  • Spares parts (like bearing, sleeve, Al pot rolls, air knife component) free stock for Zinc/Al pot in SCR workshop.
  • Zinc/Al pot rolls assembly and disassembly on site with SMS staff.
  • Zinc/Al pot rolls outside repair, including zinc removal, bearing/sleeve disassembly, journal repair/change, roll surface machining and grooving, dynamic balancing, coating, sealing, curing in furnace and related transportation, etc.
  • Zinc/Al roll arms repair, including arm inspection on machine tool and correction.
  • Zinc/Al roll scraper repair.


We are always striving ourselves for developing more economic and efficient products for our customers. As long as there is a need in the market or requirement from customers, we are always ready to serve at all times and have confidence in our advanced expert knowledge.