Technical Service

SMS group Tianjin workshop was established in May 2012, located in Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Area.
The 1st phase of SMS group Tianjin workshop occupies 14,500 m2 of property and 5,600 m2 of building space.

The workshop is strategically located near several major highways and is 10km from downtown Tianjin, and 33km from Tianjin airport.SMS group Tianjin workshop is managed by very experienced personnel and our technical staffs are all trained in Germany and USA by SMS group (the leading name in the steel industry).SMS group Tianjin workshop specialized in the reconditioning of roll sets for zinc bath equipment for Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines (HDGL), furnace rolls for HDGL and Continuous Annealing Lines (CAL), as well as Electrical Discharge Texturing (EDT) and chrome plating of work rolls for steel cold mills and Aluminum hot and cold rolling mills.SMS group Tianjin workshop is very well  equipment with “state of the art” equipment, including: thermal spraying equipment, CNC & conventional lathes, shot blaster, journal welding machines, curing furnace for roll sealing, electrical discharge texturing equipment (EDT) and latest in chrome plating systems.

The main business of SMS group Tianjin workshop covers the following:
  • Zinc pot roll coating
  • Furnace roll Manufacturing, Plating and Coating
  • Work roll chroming
  • Electric discharge texturing (EDT)

Zinc Pot Roll Coating
  • Thermal spray coating for zinc pot roll
    SMS group is the exclusive supplier of a state-of-the-art tungsten carbide/cobalt high – velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) coating system for bath rolls used in continuous galvanizing lines developed by Tocalo Co., Ltd of Japan.
    SMS group’s know-how guarantees the advanced zinc pot equipment maintenance.
    SMS group provides a special coating as ceramic coating with sealing to fulfill your requirements for optimize galvanizing process.
  • Spare parts supply for zinc pot equipment

Scope of supply
  • Original SMS group spare parts stocked
  • Customized spare parts stocked
  • Short reaction & short lead times

Your benefit
With SMS group Tianjin Workshop Service, you can reach campaign life up to 8 weeks for automotive exposed sheets, which guarantee also reduce roll inventory and overall maintenance costs.